Longevity Resources Inc. carries top quality UV Ultraviolet Lamps and the lowest prices in North America on UV Ultraviolet Cuvettes.

UV Ultraviolet Instruments

(for Photoluminescence, Phototherapy)

Photoluminescence - Ultraviolet light has been used in North America and around the world for almost 100 years to kill bacteria, viruses, and for general purification. Our UV Ultraviolet instruments are German manufactured, extremely high quality, and CE Approved (proving high quality and professional manufacturing).

The UV Aquatron PU010 UV Instrument is a high quality device and very simple to use.

The UV Aqua Pro II UV Instrument is unique in the industry in that it has a UV Sensor to provide you with the exact speed at which the sample should pass through the UV machine. Each session is under optimal and replicable conditions. The ultimate in precision!

Our UV Cuvettes are manufactured from the highest quality 214 Quartz Glass to ensure optimum exposure of the sample to the UV Light. We offer our customers the only “In Stock Commitment” for this product and also the lowest prices in North America.

Call us (or email us) if you have questions about our UV Instruments, our UV Cuvettes, or our UV Lamps. We look forward to hearing from you!

UV Ultraviolet Instruments, UV Therapy, Photoluminescence

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