Longevity Resources Inc. carries top quality UV Ultraviolet Lamps and the lowest prices in North America on UV Ultraviolet Cuvettes.


UV Ultraviolet Cuvettes (for Photoluminescence)

Lowest Price in North America!


Sterile single-use UV Ultraviolet cuvettes ensure sterility of your sample, and the UV Ultraviolet instrument.

  • 1. Longevity Resources Inc. UV Ultraviolet cuvettes are made of high quality 214 quartz glass.
    This ensures perfect transmission of the UV Ultraviolet radiation.
  • 2. Tubing attached to the glass UV Ultraviolet cuvette is 72cm in length on each side with a male luer lock fitting on one end, female luer lock fitting on the other end.
  • 3. We use no latex, therefore no contamination occurs.
  • 4. We use no plastic turbolator! Why?
  • i. The turbolator that some companies place inside the UV Ultraviolet cuvette is completely unnecessary. The turbolator was originally used many, many years ago with the mistaken idea that it was necessary to make the sample "spin". Basic physics (ask any university physics professor) tells us that a fluid traveling through a small diameter tube such as this UV cuvette will automatically spin on its own. Laminar flow is impossible. Since the turbolator is not necessary, this allows us to seriously consider the damaging effects of the turbolator....
  • ii. This turbolator inside the UV Cuvette breaks down when exposed to UVC light (again, basic physics and known material exposure susceptibility) and causes contamination in the sample within the UV Utraviolet cuvette. Since our UV cuvettes have no turbolator your sample remains contaminant free.
  • iii. The turbolator may cause thickening and blockage of the sample as it proceeds through the UV cuvette.
  • iv. UV Ultraviolet Cuvettes with no turbolator provide the same results as the cuvettes with a turbolator (see point (i)). It is not needed.

Why take the risk of contaminating your sample when it is not necessary? Use only UV cuvettes with no plastic that could be irradiated by the UV light field.

Our UV cuvettes are also latex free. This further assures the purity of your sample, and avoids the many ill effects associated with latex.

Custom Cuvette Manufacturing:

Some customers have unique requirements with regard to UV cuvettes. Longevity Resources Inc. has satisfied many customers with their requirements for custom UV cuvette lengths and sizes. Take advantage of these custom cuvette manufacturing opportunities by providing us with your specifications. We will respond with pricing for your unique situation.

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