Is your UV Session providing benefit...or is the lamp too weak? find out more...

Is your UV Session providing benefit...or is the lamp too weak?

In addition to the correct speed of exposure the next concern is this: UV Lamps will illuminate long after the point of being effective. Unfortunately without the benefit of an ultraviolet UV sensor such as on the older UV Systems, most operators continue to use the lamp long after the effective life span of the lamp has passed. This means that the sessions performed near the end of the lamp life are likely to be ineffective.

The built in Ultraviolet Sensor will not allow the Aqua Pro II UV Instrument to operate if the bulb has diminished below the "effective" strength. It will inform you that a new bulb must be installed.

The built in UV Sensor therefore ensures that:

  • (a) Each time a UV session is performed, the exposure time is perfect and performed under optimal and replicable conditions and,
  • (b) the UV lamp is not used beyond its service life ensuring effective sessions each time.

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