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The Power of an Ultraviolet Sensor

The exact Ultraviolet Exposure do you know unless you have a sensor?

Most people don't realize that Ultraviolet Lamps age over time, resulting in slowly decreasing Ultraviolet strength being produced by the bulb. On Ultraviolet Instruments with no ultraviolet sensor, how are you going to know what the strength of the Ultraviolet lamp is on a day-to-day basis? The Ultraviolet Sensor on the Aqua Pro II UV Ultraviolet instrument will detect this decrease in UV strength and supply you with the necessary information to ensure that the correct Ultraviolet Irradiation is supplied each time you use it.

The actual dose of radiation absorbed by the fluid in the UV cuvette is dependent upon:

  • a. The intensity (strength) of the Ultraviolet bulb
  • b. How long the fluid is exposed to the UV ultraviolet radiation

Since the Ultraviolet strength of an Ultraviolet lamp declines over time, it only makes sense that the radiation exposure time should be increased. This is the only way to ensure that every session is performed perfectly.

The Ultraviolet Sensor on the Aqua-Pro II UV Instrument senses the strength of the UV ultraviolet lamp, and then provides you with the correct speed at which the fluid should proceed through the UV light field. It indicates this time cycle to the operator optically (a digital readout) and if desired, acoustically (a beeping sound).

Just read the digital readout of the Aqua Pro II UV Instrument and move the sample through the UV field at the rate that it displays. Your session is guaranteed to be accurately timed and therefore the proper amount of Ultraviolet radiation will be applied.

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