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Plastic and Latex Free UV Cuvettes

Plastic and Latex Free UV Cuvettes - no contamination!

Controversy surrounds the use of the plastic "turbolator" found in some cuvettes. It is a well-known fact that plastic breaks down when exposed to UVC light. Unfortunately the plastic turbolator in some cuvettes will break down and impart contaminants to into the sample when exposed to UVC light. Our UV cuvettes have no plastic turbolator to contaminate your sample.

The "turbolator" was originally placed in cuvettes under the misunderstanding that this would cause the sample to "spin" as it passes by the UV ultraviolet lamps. Basic physics shows us that this is completely unnecessary, as a viscous fluid passing through a tubular cuvette will already, naturally, spin as it passes though. Results have confirmed that UV ultraviolet cuvettes with no turbolator function just as well if not better than those with a turbolator.

Why take the risk of contaminating your sample when it is not necessary? Use only UV Ultraviolet cuvettes with no plastic that could be irradiated by the UV light field.

Our cuvettes are also Latex free. This further assures the purity of your sample, and avoids the many ill effects associated with latex.

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