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Aqua Pro II UV Ultraviolet Instrument
(Ultraviolet Photoluminescence)

The UV Aqua-Pro II Ultraviolet Irradiation Instrument is CE approved and manufactured in a professional facility in Germany. It is one of the only Ultraviolet instruments on the market with an Ultraviolet Sensor Device. It is extremely easy to use, and with the built in Ultraviolet Sensor Device, you are guaranteed the correct exposure time for your irradiation session.


    1.) Ultra Violet Focus Chamber

  • Ultraviolet irradiation of the sample in the UV ultraviolet cuvette occurs in a reflective "focus chamber." The UV ultraviolet light from the UV Ultraviolet Lamp reflects off the parabolic walls and focuses on the sample in the UV cuvette. This ensures that your sample is irradiated with ultraviolet light from all sides, not just two sides as in other instruments.

  • 2.) UV Ultraviolet Sensor

  • Fact: UV Ultraviolet lamps decrease in strength over time! You need a UV Ultraviolet Sensor because...
  • The UV Ultraviolet Sensor measures the strength of the UV Ultraviolet lamp. It then relays this information to the operator via a digital readout, showing the operator the perfect speed at which to draw the sample through the UV Ultraviolet cuvette that is in the Ultraviolet Irradiation field.
  • This ensures that the procedure is done perfectly each and every time. In ultraviolet instruments that can not provide you with this information, the effectiveness of the ultraviolet irradiation procedure would get worse each time you perform it until finally the UV ultraviolet lamp burns out.
  • UV ultraviolet lamp will still turn on and light, even though the UV ultraviolet strength is too low for any benefit. The UV Ultraviolet Sensor senses the low strength, and will not allow the Aqua Pro II UV ultraviolet Instrument to operate under these conditions. You will then know that it is time to replace the ultraviolet lamp.

These two features ensure that the Ultraviolet irradiation is done under optimal and replicable conditions each and every time. Using Ultraviolet light without these features is like driving a car without a speedometer or a gas gauge. This truly is the most technologically advanced, professional Ultraviolet UV Instrument currently on the market (at a competitive price!). For more information on the Ultraviolet Sensor click here.

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