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Steam Sauna Testimonials

"Love our equipment!! What a product! Thanks again! Our steam cabinet is better than those we had used locally – less hot spots and can tolerate higher temperatures. Love it!"

> L. Rains, North Carolina

"The Hyperthermic Chamber is the “Lexus” of Steam Sauna Cabinets. I have tried all of the others and yours is by far the best!"

> A. Menard , North Carolina

"Hurray, Hurray. My sauna cabinet arrived from Canada in two days… I immediately tried it out and it works perrrrrfectly! …My partner was very impressed. Thank you so much."

>Satyam Bardi , Ireland

"The design of your sauna does indeed provide a superior temperature control in comparison to my … Saunette. I really like the even distribution of heat throughout the cabinet and the double doors. It provides a much more comfortable sauna and way easier to get in an out than the single door models. I have found that I can use it for longer periods of time without discomfort. I set the timer for a 25 minute session, and once the timer shut off, I didn't realize I had been in the sauna for that long. The consistent temperature control allows me to stay in the sauna long enough to realize the benefits of the steam without having to deal with “hot spots” at the back or “cold spots” at the feet.

“I also appreciate the safety features of your sauna. My previous sauna did not have a timer or low-water sensor. These features allow me to use it with total confidence. I hope to enjoy it for a long time. Thanks for your attention to quality."

> T. Burton , Tennessee

"Thank you so much for the Hyperthermic Chamber. Its user-friendly design, quality and outstanding performance makes this the best one on the market. Congratulations and thank you!"

>John V. Bastian, Quebec , Canada

"I used to use the Steam Embrace cabinet in my practice. The Hyperthermic Chamber is so much better with even heat distribution, Double Doors instead of one, exact temperature control, much more comfortable, and the overall quality of the Hyperthermic Chamber is the best I have ever seen. Thank you so much; my customers love it and so do I!"

> S.B., Phoenix , AZ

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