Specifications: The Vortex II Steam Generator

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40 L x 28 W x 48 H (inches) (101.63cm L x 71.12cm W x 121.92cm H) with doors closed

50 L x 46 W x 48 H (inches) (127cm L x 117cm W x 121.92cm H) with doors open


Double doors; open out and wide for easy access; front lip of sauna only 1.5 inches (3.81cm) above floor level for extremely easy access

Each door has 3 thick, high quality stainless steel hinges to ensure strength, reliability, and never any sagging of the doors, even after 20 years of use! How do we know? Our Hyperthermic Chamber has been in the hands of customers for 20 years and out of thousands and thousands of saunas produced never even a single door issue...ever! Now that's reliability.


10 position (height) molded ergonomic seat for precise adjustment; formed comfortable neck opening


110lbs or 50kgs


120 Volt AC / 11.7 amps
220/240 volt versions also available.

Time and Temperature Controls:

Digital Remote controlled thermostat with 1° F increments up to 130 and 30 minute timer

Steam Source:

VORTEX Steam Generator - inside cabinet

Steam Delivery:

4 independent steam vents for maximum steam and heat distribution


Hand Laid Fiberglas; extremely strong and sturdy; high gloss finish


Heavy Duty Castors on back for easy rolling; fits through standard doorway

Water Reservoir:

6 Liter internal water reservoir; easily refilled through "Easy Fill" port

Warranty: The longest warranty in the industry: 2 years warranty on the electronics (Vortex Steam Generator) and 5 years warranty on the body of the Hyperthermic Chamber

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