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Steam and heat production and distribution contribute dramatically to your comfort in your Hyperthermic Chamber Steam Sauna Cabinet. What else will add to your comfort?

Guaranteed Quality! Longevity's Hyperthermic Chamber, with more than 6,000,000 users worldwide, is the most highly rated and most sought after steam cabinet in the world. Bulletproof manufacturing with WIDE Open double doors (not a single heavy door), plus Vacuum Bag Molding manfuacturing ensuring zero VOC's places the Hyperthermic Chamber in the unique position of being not only the highest quality steam cabinet on the market but also the most 'healthy' steam cabinet on the market. Call today and order yours....in stock and ready to ship!

Digital Remote Control! – Outstanding convenience and ultimate in temperature control. Use the hand held digital control pad to choose the time you would like to be in the Hyperthermic Chamber Steam Ozone Sauna Cabinet and preset your desired temperature. Hang the remote control on the wall or set it on a table or counter top to easily view the time remaining in the session and the actual internal temperature of the sauna on the display screen. Temperature is displayed and controlled to within 1 degree of the set temperature! The most advanced, convenient and precise steam system available!

10 Seat Positions! Comfort, Comfort! – When we designed the Hyperthermic Chamber in 1998 we saw that every other steam cabinet had only 4 seat heights! That remains true to this day! With a product like this you have to ensure that your head is comfortably out of the sauna...and how can you do that with only 4 seat heights. Impossible. The Hyperthermic Chamber is still the only steam cabinet on the market with 10 different seat height positions. This ensures you have a perfect fit and you are therefore guaranteed to be comfortable! In addition your comfort is guaranteed by the ergonomically molded extra strong fiberglass seat (instead of a flat board), a reinforced seat rail system, and a weight capacity of to 400 pounds. Now that is quality and comfort that you deserve!

4 Steam Vents! – Perfection! Some sauna cabinets only have one steam vent between your feet (ouch!) while others have steam only on the sides. What about your back!?? Longevity engineers went the extra mile to ensure your comfort when we designed the "4 independent steam vent system" (two back, two at floor level). Only four (4) vents, not two, can ensure even heating throughout the Hyperthermic Chamber Steam Ozone Sauna Cabinet. Believe us, we tried using just 2 vents, but 4 vents provide so much better steam and heat distribution we had to use 4. Even heat and steam distribution is guaranteed by our 4 vent system, as is your comfort. After all, the whole point of this system is to ensure you are comfortable and happy, and you will be with these 4 steam vents!

“Safe Steam” Steam Jets – your safety and comfort is our priority. Lower level steam jets at your feet are covered with our “Safe Steam” steam diverters invented by Longevity engineers and originally installed in the Hypertermic Chamber in 2004. These steam diverters ensure your feet are not exposed to hot steam. In addition, these steam diverters further enhance your experience by enhancing the steam and heat distribution throughout the sauna. We go the extra mile to ensure that your comfort is guaranteed.

Self Cooling Electronics – your sauna may heat to 130 degrees F, but your electronics shouldn’t! We use only the highest quality electronics available, then we ensure that they remain at room temperature to ensure Longevity! Our self cooling electronics will ensure problem-free operation of the Hyperthermic Chamber Steam Ozone Sauna Cabinet.

New Sealed Stainless Steel Steamer – Our Vortex II Stainless Steel Steamer design ensures all electronics completely sealed from water, steam, and ozone by high quality stainless steel. Ozone proof, steam proof, water proof! Built for commercial use so both Home Users and Business Users are provided a top quality product.

QAI Laboratories Certification – The Hyperthermic Chamber is the only steam sauna cabinet on the North American market with 3rd Party Professional inspections and certification. After being rigorously inspected for safety by QAI Laboratories to standards published by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) in the USA, the Hyperthermic Chamber Steam Sauna Cabinet has been granted QAI Certification.

This QAI Certification is your PROOF that Longevity's Hyperthermic Chamber can pass these rigorous safety and electrical inspections. No other steam sauna cabinet in North America has a a safety Certification to CSA and UL Standards (why would that be?)...just the Hyperthermic Chamber. Don't gamble ...buy the Hyperthermic Chamber which carries proof of safety, and professional manufacturing.

State of the Art Construction – Closed Cavity Vacuum Bag Molding is the most technologically advanced method of fiberglass construction and far superior to our previous method of Hand Laid Fiberglass. This technique uses 21st Century Technology to ensure an even higher density fiberglass for even more strength, durability, and quality!

Ozone Ready – to ensure you can use your steam sauna with ozone, every Hyperthermic Chamber Steam Sauna Cabinet is made from ozone resistant components, an ozone / oxygen port is installed in the wall, and the steam generator is completely sealed from the effects of ozone. (Choose an Ozone Generator to create your Ozone Sauna)

Water Level Sensor AND Sight Glass– (i) see the current water level on the sight glass (ii) low water level warning light will illuminate if the steamer needs to be refilled (iii) Water Level Sensor will automatically shut off the steam generator just before it runs out of water for added safety.

“Easy Fill” Water Port – fill the Hyperthermic Chamber Steam Ozone Sauna cabinet without removing the seat, and without unscrewing any covers. Just pour in the water!

No Plumbing or Drains – place the Hyperthermic Chamber Steam Ozone Sauna Cabinet in any room of your home, office, or clinic. If you move, take it with you!

Easy Maintenance – easy to drain water from the steamer if prolonged storage is necessary or if you move; Top of steam generator easily removed if cleaning is necessary; all electronics easily accessed from the front panel; element easy to change if necessary.

Double Doors – Why? For the ultimate in easy entry and exit! It would be far, far less expensive for us to manufacture the Hyperthermic Chamber with only one door, but we know for sure that a large wide door secured only on one side could very well sag on the hinges. This is not just theory, but fact supported by simple physics. We also noted when designing the Hyperthermic Chamber way back in 1998, that it would be so much easier for people to enter and exit the sauna through two doors, both of which swing wide and out of the way for easy entry and exit. So, by providing 2 doors, each with 3 thick high quality hinges, we guaranteed that the doors would stay in perfect position for over 20 years, and made it far easier for you to enter and exit. Would we switch to one door just to make the Hyperthermic Chamber easier to build and to save money and increase our profits? Never! 20 years of production has proven the two wide open doors is the ultimate for your convenience, ease of use, and high quality!

No Leaking! – silicone “T” seal down between the doors, and “No Drip Lip” on the front of the Hyperthermic Chamber Steam Ozone Sauna Cabinet ensures that water and steam do not leak when the doors are closed.

Quadruple Safety System! – Your safety is our priority (i) Low water shut off, (ii) timer shut off (iii) high temperature limit shut off (iv) fuse protection

Our highly advanced construction techniques and the above features are unique to the Longevity Resources Inc. Hyperthermic Chamber Steam Ozone Sauna Cabinet. The high quality, safety, convenience, comfort, steam and heat distribution, and digital time and temperature display guarantee you will love your new Hyperthermic Chamber!

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Hyperthermic Chamber Steam Sauna Cabinet Features

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