We offer you the highest quality Steam Sauna Cabinets on the market. All our Steam Sauna Cabinets carry an outstanding Quality Guarantee including:

How it Works: The Vortex II Steam Generator

  • Completely sealed Stainless Steel computer controlled steam- and heat-generating system.
  • Digital remote control to choose your time and temperature can be hand held, set on a table or counter top or hung on the wall. After choosing the time and temperature the remote control goes into "display mode" showing you the time remaining in your session and the actual temperature inside the Hyperthermic Chamber steam sauna cabinet.
  • Designed specifically for the Hyperthermic Chamber steam sauna cabinet
  • Add water by just pouring it into the reservoir without removing the seat- and no screw tops to undo!
  • Completely ozone resistant and sealed so that ozone can not get to the electronics.
  • Temperature probe inside the Hyperthermic Chamber steam sauna senses the internal temperature, then communicates with the steam generator to tell it to increase or decrease steam production to maintain constant and consistent temperature.

Heat Distribution:

  • Four (4) independent steam jets (2 back and 2 at floor level) allow for outstanding heat and steam distribution in the Hyperthermic Chamber steam sauna cabinet.
  • This system provides the most even steam and heat distribution on the market.
  • The new "Safe Steam" steam jets at floor level ensure that your feet are protected from the hot steam.

The outstanding heat distribution of the Hyperthermic Chamber Steam Ozone Sauna Cabinet ensures that the temperature only varies in the cabinet by 1 degree above or below the set temperature. Just watch the ongoing digital display of the internal temperature of the Hyperthermic Chamber for proof of this!

The Hyperthermic Chamber | Features | Specifications | How it works

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