Which Ozone Generator is Right for Me?

The New Quantum 5 Ozone Generator provides you with:

  1. A Built in “Controllable” Syringe Port and Ozone Destruct Unit
    1. Syringe Port fills syringes directly from the front panel
    2. Built in Ozone Destruct prevents any ozone from escaping into the room
    3. Opening of the Syringe Port is controlled by a Toggle Switch beside the Syringe port, and also by a Remote Activation Foot Switch for hands free syringe filling!
  2. Premium Power Handling Components – even running at full ozone output of 120ug/ml  it is only running at 20% of its capacity; 80% redundant capacity means ultimate reliability and longevity!
  3. Run it at 100% output of 120ug/ml, 24 hours per day 7 days per week if you like! Yes it is THAT high in quality!
  4. Built in Timer to automatically shut off ozone production when the preset time has elapsed (up to 9999 hours)
  5. Longest Warranty in the world
  6. Return Policy – Money Back Guarantee; unheard of in this industry!

If you just want to fill syringes with ozone all you need is the following:

If you would like to direct the ozone to other locations, order the following:

If you would like to perform virtually any and all Ozone Protocols order the Complete Quantum 5 Ozonation System Package:

  • Quantum 5 Ozone Generator
  • 640 Liter Oxygen Tank.
  • Pediatric Oxygen Regulator (flows 1/32 - 4 LPM).
  • 2 x 50ml Glass Bubblers (for water and oil).
  • Plexiglas Bubbler Stand
  • 1 x 500ml Glass Flask for Highly Ozonating Water.
  • Special Stainless Steel “Turbo” Ozone Destruct for Destroying any off gassing Ozone.
  • 3 Inch Glass Isolation Cup
  • Starter Pack of Catheters (12 Pack)
  • Accessories Package of Tubing and Connectors.

We can customize any system to include only those items that you require, and to fit any budget. Our staff is here to help, and is not on commission. Our friendly staff provides clear answers to your questions, and recommends equipment to suit your specific needs. No high pressure sales, just quality answers to the many questions that you have. Call us! Our friendly staff is waiting to assist you

Ozone Output

Three factors ensure that you can use the Quantum 5 Ozone Generator for any Ozone Protocol that you have in mind:

  1. Each Quantum 5 Ozone Generator is designed to produce 70 very specific and precise Ozone Concentrations. All of these choices ensure that you can choose the exact ozone concentration that is perfect for your application.
  2. Each Quantum 5 Ozone Generator produces a full range of ozone concentrations from 1 – 120 ug/ml (120 ug/ml is the highest concentration in the world). This full range ensures all of the ozone concentrations you need are available, and the concentrations from 100 ug/ml – 120 ug/ml are essential for the production of high quality ozonated water, ozonated saline, and ozonated olive oil.
  3. The Ozone produced by the Quantum 5 is “Ultra Pure” and “Contaminant Free”. This is because the ozone does not contact any metal, plastic, rubber, latex, or ceramics while inside the Quantum 5 Ozone Generator.  For reasons of safety this should be the standard in the ozone industry. Unfortunately the “Ultra Pure Contaminant Free” nature of the ozone is unique to the Quantum 5 Ozone Generator and our EXT Ozone Generators.

After production has been completed, each system is tested on an Ozone Analyzer to ensure that the Ozone Concentrations are precise. When you receive your Quantum 5 Ozone Generator it will be accompanied by an Ozone Output Chart, which provides you with the full range of ozone output concentrations and how to set the ozone generator to produce the Ozone Output setting of your choice.

The Ozone Output Chart is provided as follows:

LPM cc/min 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
1/32 31 38 65 76 80 83 91 94 98 105 120
1/16 62 20 42 55 69 82 86 92 96 98 100
1/8 125 12 26 36 48 61 72 84 88 92 96
1/4 250 6 14 20 28 39 49 59 64 70 78
1/2 500 3 7 11 15 22 27 36 40 44 50
¾ 750 2 6 8 11 16 20 26 29 34 42
1 1000 1.5 5 6 9 13 17 22 25 29 36

LPM – the numbers in this column from 1/32 to 1 LPM represent the flow of oxygen in Liters Per Minute
Cc/min  - the numbers in this column from 31 to 1000 cc/min represent the flow of oxygen in cubic centimeters per minute.
The Numbers 1 through 10 at the top of the chart represent the dial settings on the ozone generator.
The Numbers 1.5 through 120 in the rest of the chart represent the concentrations of ozone that are produced.

Examples :
A/ If you set the oxygen flow on 1/32 LPM and the Ozone Generator dial on 10, you will produce 120 ug/ml (which is the highest ozone output setting in the world)
B/ If you set the oxygen flow on 1/4 LPM and the dial setting on 10 you will produce 78 ug/ml

Ozone Output Terminology
For Professional, Laboratory, Clinical, and Medical Research applications the “Ozone Output” is usually discussed in terms of “Micrograms per milliliter” or “ ug/ml “. This is the most precise way to discuss Ozone Concentrations. Other terms such as “percentage” are not as accurate. Another term “milligrams per hour” is also not as informative as this term tells you only how much ozone is produced over the period of one hour (which is a function of the flow or volume of ozone, plus the concentration), rather than telling you the exact concentration.  For most precision “Ultra Pure” Ozone Applications, the concentration term that is necessary is ug/ml or “Micrograms Per Milliliter”. (If you have more questions regarding these terms please call our office and ask for our Product Specialists if you have not yet purchased equipment, or our “Customer Support Staff” if you have already purchased an EXT or Quantum Ozone Generator from Longevity Resources Inc.).

A full explanation as to how to read this chart to choose the Ozone Concentration that is perfect for you is included in the Owner’s Manual. If you require some additional assistance, or have more questions regarding the Ozone Output Settings for your Ozone Generator (after your purchase)  our customers  are always welcome to call our Customer Support Staff on our toll free line to ask as many questions as you like. This service is always free of charge to our customers, and at no charge.

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