What is the difference between the QUANTUM 3 and the Quantum 5 Ozone Generator? Which one should I buy?

The New Quantum 3 Ozone Generator provides you with:

  • Two Front Panel Ozone Output Ports – One of them is considered the Primary Ozone Output Port. The second is the Controllable Syringe Port
  • The Built in “Controllable” Syringe Port
    • Syringe Port fills syringes directly from the front panel
    • Opening of the Syringe Port is controlled by a Toggle Switch beside the Syringe port, and also by a Remote Activation Foot Switch for hands free syringe filling!
  • Premium Power Handling Components – even running at full ozone output of 120ug/ml  it is only running at 20% of its capacity; 80% redundant capacity means ultimate reliability and longevity!
  • Run it at 100% output of 120ug/ml, 24 hours per day 7 days per week if you like! Yes it is THAT high in quality!
  • Built in Timer to automatically shut off ozone production when the preset time has elapsed (up to 9999 hours)
  • Longest Warranty in the world
  • Return Policy – 30 Day Money Back Guarantee; unheard of in this industry!

The Complete QUANTUM 3 Ozone System Package Consists of:

  • QUANTUM 3 Ozone Generator with two Ozone Output Ports
  • Remote Foot Switch (to activate the Syringe Port Controllable Ozone Output Port)
  • 640 Liter Oxygen Tank.
  • Pediatric Oxygen Regulator (flows 1/32 - 4 LPM).
  • 1 x 50ml Glass Bubbler and 1 x 50ml Glass Trap (for water and oil).
  • Front Tray Extension for easy display of accessories
  • Sample Jar (fits into Front Tray Extension)
  • 1 x 1000ml Glass Flask for Highly Ozonating Water.
  • Special Stainless Steel “Turbo” Ozone Destruct for Destroying any off gassing Ozone when ozonating water.
  • Accessories Package of Tubing and Connectors.

We can customize any system to include only those items that you require, and to fit any budget. Our staff is here to help, and is not on commission. Our friendly staff provides clear answers to your questions, and recommends equipment to suit your specific needs. No high pressure sales, just quality answers to the many questions that you have. Call us! Our friendly staff is waiting to assist you

Ozone Generator Features - Quantum 3

Features: The QUANTUM 3 Ozone Generator is our new state of the art “Bench Top” style Ozone Generator for Professional Laboratory Dental Research Applications. One of the many professional organizations that has been using the Quantum 3 is the Dental School at University of Detroit (Mercy). Of course it is suitable for all other Ozone Laboratory Research Protocols that you find from anywhere in the world.

Unique! It has not just one, but two ozone output ports, which enables the operator to perform two ozone applications simultaneously.  Proclaimed “Best Product of the Year!” by Dental Product Shopper, America’s largest Dental Product Review Company, the QUANTUM 3 Ozone Generator is certainly turning heads.

These Unique Features make the Quantum 3 Ozone Generator  the ideal Ozone Generator for Dental, Medical, or Laboratory Resarch Applications.  Simply click on the item of interest to expand the section and read how each feature will benefit you:

  1. Best Product ! In an Independent Review Survey by a National Product Review Company Customers using the Quantum 3 gave it an “Overall Satisfaction” Score of 4.9 out of 5, and the Review Company (Dental Product Shopper) declared it the  “Best Product of the Year”! If our customers gave it a score of 98% (4.9/5) in Overall Satisfaction you too will find the Quantum 3 a phenomenal addition…

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    The QUANTUM 3 Ozone Generator very easy to use, extremely high quality, and extremely reliable.  Dental Product Shopper surveyed Professionals who have been using the  QUANTUM 3 Ozone Generator for Ozone Laboratory Protocols for at least 2 years, each and every day as the source of ozone for the ozonation of water and other special research applications.  If it performs reliably all day, every day, think of what it could do for you in terms of reliability and performance!

    The QUANTUM 3 Ozone Generator is designed and built utilizing only the highest quality electrical components and power handling systems, including Longevity Resources’ 100% Quartz Glass Ozone Electrode – where the ozone gas is created. Over the past 23 years it is the 100% Quartz Glass Ozone Electrode for which Longevity’s ozone generators have become so well known. This selection of high quality components ensures a Lifetime of reliable worry free use, and no doubt contributed to the phenomenal Dental Product Shopper Survey Score of 4.9 out of 5 in “Overall Satisfaction”.

    Dental Product Shopper is the largest Dental Product Review Company in North America, with over 170,000 subscribers to their magazine and an inventory of thousands of products that they have reviewed over many years. Our customers were asked to score the product in a variety of categories, including performance, reliability, customer support and many more.  The resulting score of 4.9 out of 5 in Overall Satisfaction (and an overall score of 4.7 out of 5) was one of the highest scores ever recorded for a Dental Product Shopper Survey and hence their proclamation that the QUANTUM 3 was the “Best Product of the Year!”.

  2. Two Ozone Output Ports on the Front Panel for Dual Simultaneous Ozone Applications. This means that even when the Quantum 3 is busy producing ozone for one application, you have a second ozone output port from which to obtain the ozone for a second application…

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    A prime example of the value of this capability would be if you are in the process of making Highly Ozonated Water or Ozonated Saline with the Primary Ozone Output Port but you also need to fill a syringe with ozone. Without disconnecting the water from the “Primary Ozone Outlet” the Syringe can be filled from the “Secondary Ozone Outlet” also referred to as a “Syringe Port”.

    The “Primary Ozone Output Port” provides the operator with a continuous supply of ozone for longer ozone applications, such as ozonation of water, ozonation of saline, research chamber, isolation bag, or any other application that may require some time to complete. The Secondary Ozone Output Port provides the operator with access to the ozone gas, even when a ‘long term’ ozone application is taking place as described above. This Secondary Ozone Output Port is a “Controllable On / Off Syringe Port”, just like you would find on the Quantum 3 Ozone Generator which is described in the section below.

    The two ozone output ports work in tandem, enabling you to either release ozone for extended periods of time (using the Primary Ozone Output Port), or short term precision release as would be necessary to fill a syringe (using the Secondary Ozone Output Port or “Syringe Port”). It can even provide the operator with ozone gas through the Secondary Ozone Output Port (Syringe Port) while the Primary Ozone Output Port is already releasing ozone.

  3. Controllable “On / Off” Syringe Port (or "On Demand" port) for Easy Syringe Filling and also Safe Precision Release of Ozone

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    As mentioned in “2” above, the release of ozone from the Syringe Port (or Secondary Ozone Output Port) is precisely controlled by a Controllable On / Off Syringe Port. This ensures that ozone is released only when you want it to be released, with the push of the toggle switch or by depressing the foot switch.
  4. Remote “Foot Switch” Control for the Syringe Port for Hands Free Filling of Syringes, and Hands Free Control of Release of the Ozone.

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    Why would be design an ozone generator with a foot activation switch for the release of the ozone? The QUANTUM 3 Ozone Generator’s ‘Foot Switch’ allows the operator to activate the flow of ozone into a silicone tube or into a syringe, without touching the ozone generator. This can be extremely handy:

    1. No need to touch the ozone generator to release the ozone, thereby maintaining the sterility of your hands when working in a sterile environment.
    2. You may need to use the ozone 10 – 20 feet away from the ozone generator. You have the tube attached to the Secondary Ozone Output Port, but now that you are ready for the ozone gas, how do you release it from the ozone generator? Run back to the ozone generator and flip the switch? No! Just ensure you have the Foot Switch at your location and step on it to release the ozone flow from the Secondary Ozone Output Port (Syringe Port) and into the tubing.

    As handy as this Foot Activation Switch is for releasing ozone when you are far from the ozone generator, we find most owners of the Quantum 3 use it even when they are standing beside the ozone generator. Just attach the Syringe to the Ozone Generator, push of the foot switch, and the Syringe seems to magically fill itself. It is fast, efficient, hands free, and just plain fun to watch!

  5. 100% Quartz Glass Tube. In the Quantum 3 Ozone Generator, the component in which the ozone is created, referred to as the “Ozone Tube” is made of 100% Quartz Glass. This allows us to ensure the ozone never touches metal, plastic, rubber, or ceramics, which ensures the production of “Ultra Pure Contaminant Free Ozone”.

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    In virtually all ozone generators in the world, the “Ozone Tube”, “Ozone Cell”, or “Ozone Electrode” component is made of metal (stainless steel or aluminum), or ‘ceramic’. Unfortunately metal and ceramics are oxidized by ozone, so those “Ozone Tubes” made of metal will contribute toxic byproducts (contaminants) to the ozone gas. When made with a metal tube, wherever you put the ozone, these toxic byproducts go with it. To make matters worse, these metal tubes usually have plastic ends holding them together, and even rubber “O” rings inside (see a sample photo here). 

    Why is this an important point? It is common knowledge that ozone oxidizes (destroys) metal, plastic, rubber, and ceramics. The byproducts of this reaction are unfortunately quite toxic. Therefore an ozone generator that allows the ozone to contact plastic, rubber, and metal, will produce contaminated ozone (contaminated by the presence of the oxidized byproducts).

    The Quantum 3 Ozone Generator produces the purest “Contaminant Free Ozone” possible…because our ‘Ozone Tube’ is 100% Quartz Glass. This ensures there is no metal, no plastic, no rubber, and no ceramics in contact with the oxygen / ozone.

    Longevity Resources Inc has recently had our ozone tested by a leading laboratory in North America. The results proved that the Longevity ozone has no metals at all in the product ozone! None! No other company has had their ozone tested for purity, making Longevity Resources inc. the only company in North America (perhaps the world!) with tested and proven Pure Ozone!

    Longevity Resources Inc. is the only company in North America (and quite possibly the world) using 100% Quartz Glass Electrodes. So, you might ask, “If Glass Ozone Tubes and Ozone Resistant Components are so important, why don’t other manufacturers use them?”. The challenge for manufacturers is that Ozone resistant components are very expensive, and Quartz Glass Ozone Tubes require advanced manufacturing techniques unknown to most. Longevity Resources Inc. realized years ago that investing in these components, and the technology to create the Glass Ozone Tubes, while keeping our prices at competitive levels, is the best thing we could possibly do to ensure high quality products, high quality contaminant free ozone, and happy customers.

    Our unique 100% Quartz Glass Ozone Tube (which is also in our EXT Ozone Systems) ensures purity of the ozone, no contaminants in the ozone, precise ozone concentrations, and a cool running circuit.

  6. Premium Power Components ensures the Quality and Reliability of our Ozone Generators, even if they are run on “Full” – Level 10 – 24 hours per day, 7 Days Per Week, 365 Days Per Year.

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    Automobile and Aircraft engines are usually constructed so that they can run at full throttle, only for a short period of time. After all, why would someone run them at full speed all the time? Most consumer products on the market follow this same philosophy, including ozone generators. Most are constructed to tolerate running at “full ozone output” only for short durations.

    Longevity Resources Inc. designs products to ensure that our ozone systems can be run on “Full” (level 10) continuously. If we assume that the owner of our products will use the ozone generator at full output 100% of the time, there is only one way to ensure that our products will function for a lifetime, and that is to ensure we use only the highest quality electrical components available. While other manufacturers believe this to be excessively expensive (and therefore they don’t follow this practice) Longevity Resources Inc. believes this to be a necessity.  This is the reason our products have a Lifetime Warranty against ‘burnout’.

    The use of only the highest quality components ensures that when set on maximum output the energy circuits within the ozone generator are not running anywhere near full capacity. In fact, it is only running at 20% of its capacity. This 80% “Redundant Capacity” ensures that the QUANTUM 3 Ozone Generator will truly run reliably for a Lifetime (and more!) regardless of whether it is used On / Off / On / Off, or placed on maximum and left running 24/7, 365 days per year. The QUANTUM 3 Ozone Generator will provide every person and business using it with Quality, Reliability, and Longevity.

  7. Produces over 90 Choices of Ozone Concentrations, from 1ug/ml – 120 ug/ml (the highest concentration in the world) ensures that you have access to the exact ozone concentration that you require.

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    Most ozone generators the world over can produce a maximum of 70 – 80 ug/ml. Most have only 7 – 10 choices of ozone concentrations. The Quantum 3 Ozone Generator (like the Quantum 3) produces over 90 Different Concentrations of UltraPure Contaminant Free Ozone, in the range of 1ug/ml – 120 ug/ml (the highest ozone concentration capability in the world).

    This ensures that you will be able to choose the precise ozone concentration that you require for the ozone application you have in mind. This also means that the QUANTUM 3 Ozone Generator can be used for every ozone protocol from around the world. 

  8. Built In Timer ensures the convenience of knowing that the Quantum 3 Ozone Generator will shut down the ozone production after the preset time has elapsed.

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    Convenience! For Ozone Protocols that require the continuous flow of ozone, the built in timer can be adjusted to up to 999 hours, and will automatically shut off the ozone production when the preset time has elapsed.
  9. Lifetime Warranty on the 100% Quartz Glass Ozone Electrode provides you with Proof of Astounding Quality and Reliability

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    We offer the Longest Warranty in the industry, protecting you and your purchase with a Lifetime Warranty on the Cold Corona Glass Electrode (the Heart of the Ozone Generator) and a 5 Year Parts and Labor Warranty on the remaining electrical components.
  10. Platinum Level Customer Support – Answers to All of your Questions from Trained Professionals, Free of Charge and with No Expiry Date!

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    We understand that you may have questions regarding the operation of your Quantum 3 Ozone Generator immediately after your purchase, and maybe even years after your purchase. We therefore offer you the opportunity to call our office any time, as many times as you like, to obtain answers to those questions from our highly trained Customer Support Staff. There is never a charge for this service, and no expiry date, hence the reason we call it “Platinum Level Customer Support”.

    In a marketplace where other technological companies (such as Apple and Dell) are charging for limited customer support, Longevity Resources Inc. continues to commit to outstanding Customer Support by offering it for free! You have invested in our company with your purchase; we feel it only fair to invest in you by offering you this Platinum Level Service.
  11. QAI Certified and CE Approved – Rigorous Inspections and Testing Provides You with Proof that what we say is true, in addition to proof of Safety and Professional Manufacturing

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    QAI Certification to the Safety Standards published by the iconic compay UL (Underwriter Laboratories USA) is your PROOF that the Quantum 3 Ozone Generator can withstand the rigorous testing necessary to obtain this approval and is professionally manufactured. You should ensure that every product you purchase has a QAI, ETL, CSA, or UL Certification on it. Why? Read on…

    These electrical inspections and “Certifications” are only provided to products that have been voluntarily submitted for testing to internationally renowned testing laboratories. Within these laboratories the products are tested where rigorous tests designed to stress the product to the point where it might fail the safety standards published by CSA and UL (Underwriters Laboratories USA). If the product survives the testing, and passes all of the Safety testing, the next step is for the inspectors to visit the factory where the product it made.

    Within the factory the inspectors are meticulously researching the factory environment, workers, and production line to ensure that each step of production is precise, and to ensure there are Quality Controls in place to ensure that each and every one of the individual products produced is the same as the one that was tested.

    Our Quantum 3 Ozone Generator, and our factory, passed this testing and inspection process which proves to YOU that this is a Safe product produced in a professional factory setting.

    Carefully consider if other products you are considering purchasing have any of these approvals. If not…why not? Could they not pass the safety electrical testing? Could the factory not pass the inspection? Is the product ‘home made’? 

    Protect yourself and your investment => ensure you purchase only products that display the QAI, CSA, UL, or ETL logo such as our Quantum 3 Ozone Generator (and our Hyperthermic Chamber, and our EXT50 Ozone Generator, and our EXT120 Ozone Generator, and our EXT120-T Ozone Generator…etc.).

  12. Money Back 30 Day Return Policy (Unique in the Ozone Industry!) – You’ll be impressed with the Quality immediately, or you don’t pay... Read more

  • If ensuring you are purchasing the most advanced ozone technology available today is important to you…
  • If the purity and ‘contaminant free’ nature of the ozone, and the precision of the ozone concentrations is important to you …
  • If product quality, reliability, and Longevity is important to you…
  • If having the security of a 30 Day Money Back Return Policy is important to you…
  • If having a friendly “Customer Support” voice on the other end of the telephone when you need assistance is important to you…

….then you need to purchase the Quantum 3 Ozone Generator. Call us at the number at the bottom of this screen or email us (info@ozonegenerator.com) for more information, pricing, or to place your order.


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