What is the difference between the QUANTUM 3 and the Quantum 5 Ozone Generator? Which one should I buy?

The New Quantum 3 Ozone Generator provides you with:

  • Two Front Panel Ozone Output Ports – One of them is considered the Primary Ozone Output Port. The second is the Controllable Syringe Port
  • The Built in “Controllable” Syringe Port
    • Syringe Port fills syringes directly from the front panel
    • Opening of the Syringe Port is controlled by a Toggle Switch beside the Syringe port, and also by a Remote Activation Foot Switch for hands free syringe filling!
  • Premium Power Handling Components – even running at full ozone output of 120ug/ml  it is only running at 20% of its capacity; 80% redundant capacity means ultimate reliability and longevity!
  • Run it at 100% output of 120ug/ml, 24 hours per day 7 days per week if you like! Yes it is THAT high in quality!
  • Built in Timer to automatically shut off ozone production when the preset time has elapsed (up to 9999 hours)
  • Longest Warranty in the world
  • Return Policy – 30 Day Money Back Guarantee; unheard of in this industry!

The Complete QUANTUM 3 Ozone System Package Consists of:

  • QUANTUM 3 Ozone Generator with two Ozone Output Ports
  • Remote Foot Switch (to activate the Syringe Port Controllable Ozone Output Port)
  • 640 Liter Oxygen Tank.
  • Pediatric Oxygen Regulator (flows 1/32 - 4 LPM).
  • 1 x 50ml Glass Bubbler and 1 x 50ml Glass Trap (for water and oil).
  • Front Tray Extension for easy display of accessories
  • Sample Jar (fits into Front Tray Extension)
  • 1 x 1000ml Glass Flask for Highly Ozonating Water.
  • Special Stainless Steel “Turbo” Ozone Destruct for Destroying any off gassing Ozone when ozonating water.
  • Accessories Package of Tubing and Connectors.

The ozone levels are completely adjustable and controllable by simple adjustment of the following two controls:

1. The Oxygen Flow Rate: This is the speed at which the oxygen enters the ozone generator. Increase the flow rate and the oxygen spends less time in the ozone generator, therefore producing less ozone. Slow down the flow rate, and the oxygen spends more time in the ozone generator, therefore producing more ozone.

2. The dial on the Ozone Generator: This dial from 1 through 10 on the ozone generator, speeds up and slows down the speed at which the electrical field flashes on and off, around the double walled glass tube. Increase the frequency of the flashing (by turning the dial up from 1 towards 10) and you increase the amount of ozone that is produced. Decrease the frequency(by turning the dial down towards 1), and you decrease the amount of ozone that is produced. By using this dial on the ozone generator, you may choose between 10 different ozone concentrations at each oxygen flow rate. This provides you with precision contro, outstanding safety, and 50 ozone concentrations from which to choose!

Quality, Safety, Professional Manufacturing

The Longevity Resources Inc. Quantum 3 Ozone Generator has been fully tested for Quality, Reliability, and Safety by a leading North American product testing laboratory. Having passed these torturous tests, our Quantum 3 Ozone System has been granted ETL Approval. This is your proof not only that our Quantum 3 Ozone System is high quality and reliable, but also that it is safe, and will not spark, burn, fail, etc even if used continuously in a commercial setting. These are the specific tests that are performed on a product being tested for ETL Approval, and your assurance that the product is high quality and reliable.

Take a look at the back of everything and anything electrical you have in your home or office. Chances are virtually 100% that you will find a CSA, UL, or ETL logo (sticker) on the back of the product. But what does this mean, and why is it important?

Understanding ETL, CSA, and UL will change forever the way you look at products on the internet.

“…if it is being sold on the internet, I’m sure it must be high quality and safe to use”. 

Blindly trusting that a product is ‘quality’ just because it is being sold on the internet can be a very costly mistake. How can you tell from a web site if a product is high quality or not? How can you really know if the sales person is telling you the truth? It is actually quite easy,  just ensure that the product has a seal of Safety and Quality approval like ETL, CSA, or UL Approval.

To realize the value of these Approvals you need to know a little bit about how they were achieved:

Step 1: The product is submitted by the manufacturer to an officially recognized product testing laboratory.

Step 2: The laboratory researchers submit the product to brutally rigorous testing procedures trying to make it fail, catch fire, burn, spark…anything that would cause a problem in a home or office.

Step 3: If  the product passes the 3 months of torturous testing, the inspectors then visit the manufacturing facility to ensure that the products are being manufactured in a facility where proper Quality Control measures are in place to guarantee that every single product is as high quality as the model they tested in the laboratory.

Step 4: If the factory also passes, then approval is given to label the product with either  the CSA, UL, or ETL logo that will inform customers that the product and factory have been tested and inspected, providing proof that the product is Safe, High Quality, Reliable, and produced in a professional factory setting.

Isn’t this Helpful to you when you are shopping for an Ozone Generator, or any product?

If a Product displays an ETL, CSA, or UL Approval logo, then you are assured that it is Reliable, Safe to Use, and a Quality piece of equipment.

On the other hand, if a company is selling a product that does not have one of these approvals, it shows that either:

  1. the product is not high quality enough to pass the rigorous inspections or
  2. the product is not safe to use or
  3. The product is manufactured in an environment where there is no control over the quality of the finished product (such as someone’s basement or garage).

Spend your money wisely, protect your investment, and protect yourself by ensuring that you only purchase products that are ETL, CSA, or UL Approved such as those products manufactured and distributed by Longevity Resources Inc.

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Disclaimer: In order to abide by guidelines of the Competition Bureau of Canada and the Federal Trade Commission of the USA, Longevity Resources Inc. clarifies that products displayed on this web site are not approved medical devices (unless otherwise stated). No approved medical ozone generators exist in North America due to the fact that governing health authorities do not support the use of ozone in medicine. Longevity Resources Inc. makes no claims or suggestions regarding the use of ozone, oxygen, saunas, or ozone related products for ozone therapy for cancer or any other diseases or health challenges. Please consult a qualified physician before using any products, drugs, or devices that may affect your health.