What is the difference between the QUANTUM 3 and the Quantum 5 Ozone Generator? Which one should I buy?

The New Quantum 3 Ozone Generator provides you with:

  • Two Front Panel Ozone Output Ports – One of them is considered the Primary Ozone Output Port. The second is the Controllable Syringe Port
  • The Built in “Controllable” Syringe Port
    • Syringe Port fills syringes directly from the front panel
    • Opening of the Syringe Port is controlled by a Toggle Switch beside the Syringe port, and also by a Remote Activation Foot Switch for hands free syringe filling!
  • Premium Power Handling Components – even running at full ozone output of 120ug/ml  it is only running at 20% of its capacity; 80% redundant capacity means ultimate reliability and longevity!
  • Run it at 100% output of 120ug/ml, 24 hours per day 7 days per week if you like! Yes it is THAT high in quality!
  • Built in Timer to automatically shut off ozone production when the preset time has elapsed (up to 9999 hours)
  • Longest Warranty in the world
  • Return Policy – 30 Day Money Back Guarantee; unheard of in this industry!

The Complete QUANTUM 3 Ozone System Package Consists of:

  • QUANTUM 3 Ozone Generator with two Ozone Output Ports
  • Remote Foot Switch (to activate the Syringe Port Controllable Ozone Output Port)
  • 640 Liter Oxygen Tank.
  • Pediatric Oxygen Regulator (flows 1/32 - 4 LPM).
  • 1 x 50ml Glass Bubbler and 1 x 50ml Glass Trap (for water and oil).
  • Front Tray Extension for easy display of accessories
  • Sample Jar (fits into Front Tray Extension)
  • 1 x 1000ml Glass Flask for Highly Ozonating Water.
  • Special Stainless Steel “Turbo” Ozone Destruct for Destroying any off gassing Ozone when ozonating water.
  • Accessories Package of Tubing and Connectors.

We can customize any system to include only those items that you require, and to fit any budget. Our staff is here to help, and is not on commission. Our friendly staff provides clear answers to your questions, and recommends equipment to suit your specific needs. No high pressure sales, just quality answers to the many questions that you have. Call us! Our friendly staff is waiting to assist you

Controllable Syringe Port

The Built in “Controllable” (On / Off) Syringe Port: A professional Controllable On / Off Syringe Port is an essential component of any ozone generator that is to be used in a professional setting. The purpose of a Controllable Syringe Port is to ensure that no ozone is released into the room when the ozone generator is producing ozone (that is, ozone is released only into the Syringe, or only into the tubing that is directing the ozone to another location). If ozone is released into the room, it may result in irritated eyes, nose, throat, and lungs of those in your professional setting. It could also lead to complaints to OSHA or other health regulators. The QUANTUM 3 Ozone Generator Ozone Syringe Port and Internal Ozone Destruct Unit ensure that release of the ozone into the room is prevented.

Can’t All Ozone Generators fill Syringes?

Many companies will advertise that their ozone generators fill syringes; they may even say that their ozone generator has a “Syringe Port”. However is it really a Controllable Syringe Port? And does it really provide the intended function of ensuring ozone is not released into the room? Usually the answer is ‘no’. Not all ozone generators can fill syringes without ozone spilling into the air in the room. That is the whole point of a Syringe Port…to stop ozone from spilling into the room. This is only possible if the Ozone Generator has a “Controllable” (On / Off) Syringe Port.
Most of us are aware that a little bit of ozone is great for air purification, however if you are using ozone all day long in a professional setting, and if you are not using a “Controllable Syringe Port” to fill syringes then the amount of ozone released into the room can become excessive.

If I am not using a Syringe Port, what will happen?

In order to understand the need for a “Controllable Syringe Port” you need to mentally go through the sequence of events involved in filling a syringe:

  • You would turn on the oxygen flow to your ozone generator.
  • You would turn on the ozone generator and adjust the dials to produce the desired concentration of ozone. When you do this, ozone will be created immediately, and immediately start being released into the room air.
  • You would attach the syringe directly to the front of the ozone generator where the ozone is coming out. The syringe fills from the pressure of the ozone being released from the ozone generator.
  • You would detach the syringe from the ozone generator. When you do this, ozone is still being created by the ozone generator and will be released into the air again.
  • You would turn off the ozone generator until you need it again. (This stops the ozone from being released into the air).

What just happened was that between the time you turned on the ozone generator and attached the syringe to the front of the ozone generator a small amount of ozone was released into the room (Step 2 above). When you detached the syringe from the ozone generator more ozone was released into the room (Step 4 above). If you do this just once you will smell ozone, but it will likely not be irritating and no one will complain. If you do this all day long in a busy professional setting or laboratory, you or someone else will definitely have an issue with the strong odor of ozone.

How Does the Controllable  Syringe Port Help?

When you have a built in Syringe Port, or an External Syringe Port, release of ozone into the room is prevented. You will therefore be able to use the ozone generator all day long and rarely smell ozone. The ozone that is produced at Step 2 and Step 4 above is directed through the Syringe Port and into an Ozone Destruct Unit where the ozone is destroyed.

Why does the QUANTUM 3 Ozone Generator have a “Built In” Controllable Syringe Port?

External syringe ports with an external Ozone Destruct Unit are used for our EXT Ozone Generators. This type of Syringe Port works well.

However in designing the QUANTUM 3 and Quantum 5 Ozone Generators to be the leading ozone generators on the world market we realized that it is far more convenient to fill a syringe directly from the ozone generator itself rather than from an external Syringe Port. The Syringe Port that is built into the QUANTUM 3 Ozone Generator is actually a small 100% Ozone Resistant valve system inside the ozone generator, which allows the ozone to be directed to an internal Ozone Destruct Unit when the Syringe is not being filled, and directed into the Syringe when the Syringe Port is activated. This allows you to run the QUANTUM 3 all day long, either filling syringes or directing the ozone to another location through ozone tubing, and release of the ozone into the air is completely prevented.

Activation of the Syringe Port

When you first turn on your ozone generator you will be making ozone. You may not need to use the ozone immediately, so where does the ozone go? If you don’t have a built in Controllable Syringe Port the ozone will be released into the air, and a strong odor of ozone will quickly fill the room.
The QUANTUM 3 and Quantum 5 Ozone Generators solve this challenge for you. With the QUANTUM 3 Ozone Generator (and Quantum 5 Ozone Generator), when you are ready to fill a Syringe, or send the ozone through ozone tubing to your application, the “Controllable” Syringe Port can be activated (opened) by one of the following three methods:

  • For short term flow of ozone you simply depress the Toggle Switch that is beside the Syringe Port. This is quite handy when filling syringes. When the syringe contains the desired volume of ozone, lift your finger from the Toggle Switch and the Toggle Switch will spring back to the closed position, and the flow will stop. You then turn the Syringe to release it from the Controllable Syringe Port and take it to the point of application.
  • For longer term flow of ozone (for example though an ozone tube to another location) push the Toggle Switch Up and the Syringe Port will remain open until you push the switch back down. You may also turn off the ozone flow by setting the timer for the desired duration of ozone flow, and when the timer shuts off, the ozone flow will shut off.
  • Some special applications require that you are able to activate the Syringe Port from a distance away from the ozone generator, or to main sterility of your hands. “Hands Free” activation of the Controllable Syringe Port is provided via the Remote Activated Foot Switch that comes with the ozone generator. Simply depress the foot switch with your hand, and the Controllable Syringe Port will open, allowing ozone to flow out of the ozone generator until you lift your foot off the switch to close the Syringe Port.

The Controllable Syringe Port will ensure that ozone will not enter the room. The built in Controllable Syringe Port will also provide you with the convenience of ultimate control over the flow of ozone.

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