Quality Guarantee

For the The OxyPro, and OxySalon

We offer you the highest quality oxygen concentrators on the market. All our oxygen concentrators carry an outstanding Quality Guarantee including:

  • Our Longevity 10 Day Trial Quality Guarantee
  • 30 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee
  • Professional American Factory
  • Customer Service

1. The Longevity Quality Guarantee - 10 Day Trial:

Many customers have only seen our Oxygen Concentrators on the internet. We know that you will be thrilled with their high quality, but how do you know that? To place your mind at ease and help you to breathe easier, we have a 10 day trial guarantee. If you purchase a product from Longevity Resources Inc. that does not fully meet your expectations, simply ship it back to us within 10 days of receipt, as long as it is still in new condition, and we will provide you with a full refund of the purchase price (minus shipping charges).

We know you will enjoy our products. Thank you for considering purchasing from us.

2. Professional North American Factory

Concern is growing as more and more products from China and other Asian nations are being sold in America . Rest assured that all of our oxygen concentrators are produced in professional and certified American Factories, ensuring the high quality, warranties, and customer service that you expect. Now you can Breathe Easy with an American made oxygen concentrator from Longevity Resources Inc.

2. Customer Service

Perhaps you have never seen or used an oxygen concentrator before (?). Our oxygen concentrators arrive with excellent owner's manuals to assist you. Should you have questions not covered by the owner's manual, simply call our customer service agents on our toll free line (or email us) and our customer service agents can answer any questions that you may have. Breathe Easy! We remain with you and at your side as you use your oxygen concentrator. We are happy to hear from you, and more than happy to assist you any time.

Disclaimer: In order to abide by guidelines of the Competition Bureau of Canada and the Federal Trade Commission of the USA, Longevity Resources Inc. clarifies that products displayed on this web site are not approved medical devices (unless otherwise stated). No approved medical ozone generators exist in North America due to the fact that governing health authorities do not support the use of ozone in medicine. Longevity Resources Inc. makes no claims or suggestions regarding the use of ozone, oxygen, saunas, or ozone related products for ozone therapy for cancer or any other diseases or health challenges. Please consult a qualified physician before using any products, drugs, or devices that may affect your health.