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Ozone Output

#1Professional Recommended Ozone Generator
American Academy of Ozone Approved!!!

High Quality Oxygen Fed Ozone Generator for Ultra Pure Applications

The EXT50 Ozone Generator produces 1ug/ml to 65ug/ml suitable for all ultrapure ozone protocols.

The only 100% Double Walled Glass Electrode

These days, all companies seem to be claiming to have glass or ceramic electrodes. What they aren't telling you is that the ozone is also touching a metal surface which releases toxic byproducts into the ozone.

Longevity Resources Inc. is the ONLY company in North America that uses a 100% Glass Electrode, and therefore 100% prevents the ozone from touching metal, plastic, ceramic, and rubber and all other materials that would otherwise add contaminants to the ozone. For this reason, Longevity is able to offer you the only true UltraPure OutPut Ozone Generators. That is why virtually all Professionals in North America recommend Longevity Resources Inc. Ozone Generators for Home and Professional Use.

Lifetime Warranty on the Quartz Glass Electrode

Since 1995 Longevity Resources Inc. has proven that our Ozone Generators are reliable, trustworthy, and extremely High Quality. In fact, Longevity ozone generators manufactured 20 years ago are still in use today! Twenty years of proven reliability is a true testament to Quality and simply something that no other company can provide.

Rigorous inspections and Safety Certification through QAI Laboratories: QAI Laboratories lab techs rigorously tested and inspected our EXT50 to the product standards originally published by CSA (Canadian Standards Association) and UL (Underwriters Laboratories USA). They also inspect our factory (surprise inspections) every year. Longevity's QAI Certification is your proof that the EXT50 can pass these rigorous inspections, is safe to use, and is professionally manufactured (not home made or from China like so many others are).

So...20 years of proven Quality and Reliability combined with a QAI Certification that proves Safety and Professional Manufacturing. That is a whole boat load of evidence that you are making the right choice in purchasing the EXT50 Ozone us today using the numbers at the bottom of this screen or email us using and we will provide you with quotations and all the details! You'll be glad you became a part of our ozone family!

Ozone Stability

"Stable ozone output" means that when you set the ozone generator to produce your chosen ozone level, the level remain steady regardless of how long the ozone generator runs. Many other ozone generators on the market suffer from drastically falling ozone concentrations in as short a time as 2-10 minutes.

The EXT120 Ozone Generator, EXT50 Ozone Generator, and EXT120T Ozone Generator are the most technologically advanced ozone generators on the world market using only glass electrodes with no metal, no sparks, and no heat. Thanks to our superior technology ozone levels are steady, regardless of how long the unit runs (hours, days, weeks). This is a guarantee no other company can provide to you. Combined with our Lifetime Warranty and toll free customer service, you have the best ozone generator currently available in the entire world.

If you require further information or have questions regarding ozone output please feel free to call us. We would be happy to assist you at any time.

EXT50 Ozone Output

The EXT50 Ozone output is controlled by changing the rate of oxygen flow through the ozone generator. This is accomplished by changing the setting on the oxygen regulator itself. A complete manual is provided with your ozone generator, an ozone output chart accurate to within 0.1 ug/ml (the most accurate in the world), plus you have access to our Legendary Longevity Customer Support service (via telephone or email) for any questions you may have. You can count on our Customer Support Staff to provide you with guidance in a pleasant and friendly manner.

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