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Don’t need all of that equipment? Need a lower cost system? Try the  EXT120-T Basics Ozone Generator System:

We can customize any system to include only those items that you require, and to fit any budget. Our staff is here to help, and is not on commission. Our friendly staff provides clear answers to your questions, and recommends equipment to suit your specific needs. No high pressure sales, just quality answers to the many questions that you have.

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What's Included

High Quality Oxygen Fed Ozone Generator for Ultra Pure Applications Including Ozone Steam Sauna Cabinet

The EXT120-T Ozone Generator System Package Includes:

The EXT120-T Ozone Generator is available alone, or with any accessories that you would like. A standard package that is very popular with our customers is listed below. This full package includes:

  • EXT120-T Ozone Generator with built in digital countdown timer for automatic shut off.
  • Plexiglas Frame For Wall Mount or Table Top Stand.
  • 640 Liter Oxygen Tank.
  • Pediatric Oxygen Regulator (flows 1/32 - 4 LPM).
  • 2 x 50ml Glass Bubblers (for water and oil).
  • 1 x 500ml Glass Flask for Highly Ozonating Water.
  • Catalytic Ozone Destruct for Destroying any off gassing Ozone.
  • Accessories Package of Tubing and Connectors.

You may eliminate any of these items that you do not wish to have. The corresponding value of these items will of course be deducted from the purchase price.

Purchase the whole package, or design a system for yourself! Please feel free to call our office for pricing, options, or to order. Our customer service operators will be pleased to assist you at any time.

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