The ozone levels are completely adjustable and controllable by simple adjustment of the following two controls (different than the EXT50 Ozone Generator):

1. The Oxygen Flow Rate: This is the speed at which the oxygen enters the ozone generator. Increase the flow rate and the oxygen spends less time in the ozone generator, therefore producing less ozone. Slow down the flow rate, and the oxygen spends more time in the ozone generator, therefore producing more ozone.

2. The dial on the Ozone Generator: This dial from 1 through 10 on the ozone generator, speeds up and slows down the speed at which the electrical field flashes on and off, around the double walled glass tube. Increase the frequency of the flashing (by turning the dial up from 1 towards 10) and you increase the amount of ozone that is produced. Decrease the frequency(by turning the dial down towards 1), and you decrease the amount of ozone that is produced. By using this dial on the ozone generator, you may choose between 10 different ozone concentrations at each oxygen flow rate. This provides you with precision contro, outstanding safetyl, and 50 ozone concentrations from which to choose!

Which ozone generator is right for me?

High Quality Oxygen Fed Ozone Generator for Ultra Pure Applications

The EXT120-T ozone generator is extremely portable, and suitable for any ozone application that requires ultrapure contaminant free ozone, in any country around the world. It is designed to work on/off on/off all day, or continuously for hours, days, weeks, or months at a time, producing absolutely no heat. Anyone in need of a professionally built Ozonation System for Ultra Pure Applications, would benefit from the EXT120-T Ozone Generator System.

How is the EXT120-T Ozone Generator Different than the Others?

We offer you the EXT120-T Ozone Generator and the EXT120 Ozone Generator. The EXT120-T Ozone Generator compares in the following way:

  • Size: The EXT120-T Ozone Generator and the EXT120 Ozone Generator are exactly the same size, except the EXT120-T Ultra has a timer and the EXT120 does not.
  • Configuration: The EXT120-T Ozone Generator is provided to you with a choice of having it on a Plexiglas Frame (can be used a wall mount or stand), or in a briefcase. The EXT120 Ozone Generator offers the same options.
  • Output: The EXT120-T Ozone Generator produces the same output as the EXT120 Ozone Generator, (from 1ug/ml to 120ug/ml). This is the widest range of ozone concentrations available in the world, allowing you the flexibility of performing any protocol that you wish. Precision control is in your hands - it is extremely easy for you to choose virtually any concentration within that range.
  • Built in Timer: the EXT120-T Ozone Generator is the only ozone generator on the world market equipped with a built in digital countdown timer as standard equipment. This allows you to set the timer, and the EXT120-T Ozone Generator will automatically shut off after the preset time has elapsed. The EXT120 Briefcase Ozone Generator has no timer.
  • EMF Shielded: The EXT120-T Ozone Generator and the EXT120 Ozone Generator are shielded against transmission of EMF Fields.
  • Inspected & Tested by a 3rd Party Laboratory, and Professionally Produced: Longevity has gone the extra mile to earn your trust and your business by submitting Longevity Ozone Generators to QAI Laboratories, a company who's sole purpose is to rigorously test ozone generators to Safety Standards published by companies that many of you have heard of CSA (Canadian Standards Association) and UL (Underwriters Laboratories USA).

    The QAI Certification on Longevity's ozone generators is your proof that Longevity products are indeed capable of passing the rigors of the testing they were subjected to, proof that they are Safe to use and manufactured in a professional factory setting (not home made).

    There's no need for you to wonder about the products you see on the internet... demand proof! Ensure you only purchase products with QAI, CSA, UL, or ETL Safety Certification and you will KNOW that you are purchasing a product that is safe to use.

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