How is the EXT120 Ozone Generator different than the others? find out more...

The ozone levels are completely adjustable and controllable by simple adjustment of the following two controls (different than the EXT50 Ozone Generator):

1. The Oxygen Flow Rate: This is the speed at which the oxygen enters the ozone generator. Increase the flow rate and the oxygen spends less time in the ozone generator, therefore producing less ozone. Slow down the flow rate, and the oxygen spends more time in the ozone generator, therefore producing more ozone.

2. The dial on the Ozone Generator: This dial from 1 through 10 on the ozone generator, speeds up and slows down the speed at which the electrical field flashes on and off, around the double walled glass tube. Increase the frequency of the flashing (by turning the dial up from 1 towards 10) and you increase the amount of ozone that is produced. Decrease the frequency(by turning the dial down towards 1), and you decrease the amount of ozone that is produced. By using this dial on the ozone generator, you may choose between 10 different ozone concentrations at each oxygen flow rate. This provides you with precision contro, outstanding safetyl, and 50 ozone concentrations from which to choose!

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High Quality Oxygen Fed Ozone Generator for Ultra Pure Applications

Cold Corona Discharge of the Twenty First Century

The process by which our EXT Ozone Generators produce ozone is called "Cold Corona Discharge". 97% of ozone generators on the world market use this type of technology because only Cold Corona Discharge can produce the range of ozone concentrations necessary for all scientific applications. Note that the EXT120 Ozone Generator produces up to 120ug/ml and it does this by using extremely low power of only 0.4 amps. Compared to the other ozone generators on the market using 1.5 amps, Longevity's 0.4 amps means that not only are you using less power, but it is also running 'cool'. The EXT120 provides you with a low power 0.4 amp device that is completely Quality and Safety Approved. Now that along with the fact that the EXT120 has a 20 year history of your assurance that you are buying a quality and reliable ozone generator.

Our EXT Ozone Generators are fed with pure oxygen, from an oxygen bottle or oxygen concentrator. Inside the EXT Ozone Generator this oxygen passes through an extremely high quality, double walled quartz glass tube with no metal in contact with the ozone, and no heat. Around the entire tube we generate a very smooth, cool electrical field at a consistent and low voltage - no sparking, no arcing. This is Cold Corona Discharge of the Twenty First Century.

How can you possibly ensure that you are using the correct amount of ozone, when you are only offered 5 choices? With the EXT Ozonation Systems, and the 50 choices of Ozone Output that you are offered, you are assured of precision control, and full flexibility both now and in the future.

If you require further information on Cold Corona Discharge, or the ozone concentrations that our EXT Ozone Generators are able to produce, please feel free to call us. We would be appy to assist you at any time.

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