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The Water Snake is a simple and extremely effective way to make highly ozonated water (or 'ozone water'), which far surpasses the typical 'bubbler stone'. Bubbler stones are inexpensive but they impart toxins to the water when ozone is passed through them. During this process they are slowly destroyed adding sand and other materials to the water. Longevity Resources Inc. sought to produce a better solution to ozonating water.

This completely ozone resistant design ensures the ozonated water you produce is pure, contaminant free as all the ozone touches is glass and silicone (both ozone resistant materials). The silicone stopper dimensions are 1.5 inches (on the bottom) tapering to 1.75 inches (on the top) (3.8 cm to 4.4 cm). Two silicone tubes on top allow ozone to enter and exit. Ozone enters the water through a glass bubbler (at the bottom of the jug) that can not be destroyed by ozone, producing very tiny bubbles that easily impart their ozone to the water. "Offgassing" ozone escapes through the exit tube at the top. We suggest the use of the Ozone Destruct Unit to destroy this offgassing ozone so that ozone does not fill the room.

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