Ozone Destruct Unit

Manufactured by Longevity Resources Inc.
(*No Carbon! See Below why you never want carbon in an ozone destruct*)

Longevity's two Ozone Destruct Units, are used to destroy offgassing ozone, when you are able to collect it. For example, the Ozone Destruct is attached to the Glass Flask when ozonating water. The Ozone exiting the flask is directed into the Ozone Destruct, it is then destroyed by the black Ozone Destroying Pellets within, and released into the room as harmless oxygen.

Why? A small amount of ozone released into the air can actually destroy odors and freshen the air. However, when ozonating water you will have your ozone generator turned up to the highest level, which produces ozone concentrations that are far too strong to breathe (likely 100x the amount used for air freshening). This is when you will want to destroy the ozone rather than release it into the air around you.

Longevity's Ozone Destruct Pro:

Longevity Black Max Ozone Destruct
TheOzone Destruct Pro is the same Ozone Destruct Longevity has been building and selling for over 20 years. This proven workhorse lasts virtually forever and will serve you well. It is sleek, long (12 inch), durable, and very professional looking with it's see through body and white end caps. The Black Max Ozone Destruct looks great with both a home or professional Ozone System and is available at a very competitive price.

Longevity's "Turbo" Ozone Destruct:

The "Turbo" Ozone Destruct is Longevity's newest Ozone Destruct unit with a solid, short (about 7"), and slim Stainless Steel body; this is the Mercedes of Ozone Destruct Units and yet is still extremely affordable for any home user (or professional). The smaller, sleeker, solid metal body gives durability, quality and class, while the turbo chamber inside enables the ozone destroying pellets destroy even more ozone with less mass. The Turbo Ozone Destruct unit is the Professional version of Ozone Destructs that looks and functions great in any professional office environment, or at home.

*No Carbon!!
So why no carbon? Many manufacturers think carbon is a suitable material for using inside an ozone destruct unit, motivated by the fact that carbon is extremely cheap. Not Longevity! Ozone flowing through carbon pellets can create heat as the ozone chemically interacts with the carbon. Under conditions that are perfect this can cause an explosion. Although this rarely happens, it can and does happen, and that is why you will never find carbon in a Longevity Ozone Destruct. Longevity's ozone destructs use only proffessionally designed pellets created specifically to safely destroy ozone, with no chemical interaction between the ozone and the pellets. If you choose to purchse an ozone destruct elsewhere, please ensure that you have the 'word' of the manufacturer that there is no carbon in the destruct.

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