OxySalon Oxygen Concentrator

The OxySalon is the first 3 in 1 Oxygen Treatment System available in the world. This one unit can provide 3 different anti-aging treatments for professional Spa and Salon owners, or those of you at home. It provides:

1. Oxygen Facial Treatment

The full Facial Oxygen Mask is used to feed the skin with life giving oxygen with the intent to stimulate the cells, revitalize, and delay aging processes in the facial skin and underlying tissue.

2. Oxygen Mist Treatment
The Oxygen Mist Treatment uses a special air brush attachment to provide a high purity (95%) high oxygen flow (5 Liters Per minute) facial treatment. Purified water, cosmetic, or natural solutions can be used to create the "mist". This is an ideal treatment for soothing irritated skin after harsh sessions such as dermabrasion or laser resurfacing. It is also an excellent revitalizing and anti-aging treatment for any visitor to your salon or for you at home.

3. Oxygen Inhalation and Aromatherapy Treatment
Just like at a professional oxygen bar in Las Vegas up to 2 people can enjoy breathing high purity, high flow oxygen. You can use the humidifier bottle (included) to add aromatherapy oils, or "flavors" to the oxygen. You may also wish to take advantage of our "Quick Shot" flavor sticks to add a creative flavor to the oxygen (available separately).

Special Operational Features:

  • Soft touch membrane control panel.
  • Simple, no hassle, pre-set pressures for mask and air brush applications.
  • Attractive, futuristic design
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