How it works

The OxyMax 8 Oxygen Concentrator uses PSA Technology to concentrate oxygen from room air (air is approximately 20% oxygen, 78% nitrogen, and 2 % trace gases).

The air enters the OxyMax 8 through an external air intake (on the back of the unit), the air passing through an air filter. The filtered air the passes through a molecular sieve which separates the air into oxygen and other gases. The oxygen is collected as the "product gas" and provided to you out a nozzle on the front of the unit. The flow control valve (also refered to as a 'flow meter') also on the front of the unit, allows you to control the flow of the oxygen from 1 to 8 Liters per minute.

The entire process is designed to regenerate itself, resulting in an extremely reliable unit that is virtually maintenance free. Most countries around the world allow individuals to purchase these units for recreational (non-medical) uses (such as EWOT-Exercise With Oxygen, Oxygen Misting, Oxygen Facials), and commercial applications.

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