Profits for Your Business

Possible Profits for your New "Oxygen" Business

The possibilities for the OxyMax 10 are endless. Those using oxygen fed ozone generators can obtain limitless volumes of high quality, high purity oxygen (no need for an oxygen tank). Aquaculture companies and Glassblowing companies can also enjoy the convenience of making their own oxygen, and ending the reliance on bottles of oxygen. Water Bottling companies can also enjoy the benefits of oxygen, especially those using ozone to purify the water.

In many countries, Oxygen Bars are common and well within the local regulations for 'recreational use' of oxygen. If you live in an area or country that allows this short term use of oxygen, consider the OxyMax 10 as the ideal solution. The chart below is just one example as to the profits that can be generated by an Oxygen Bar Business using the OxyMax 10

(assumes $1.00 per minute, 15 minute session per customer, open 6 days per week)

per day
5 $450.00 $1800.00 $21600.00
8 $720.00 $2880.00 $34560.00
10 $900.00 $3600.00 $43200.00
15 $1350.00 $5400.00 $64800.00
20 $1800.00 $7200.00 $86400.00

With as few as 5 of your customers per day accepting your offer of life giving oxygen you can generate a tremendous increase in revenue for an existing business. With only 10 people per day the OxyMax 10 Oxygen Concentrator is a business opportunity itself!! Keep in mind that the OxyMax 10 provides enough oxygen flow (10 Liters per Minute) for up to 4 people at the same time (each receiving 2 Liters Per Minute).

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