Longevity Resources Inc. provides you with an EWOT Mask that is a duplicate of the mask used in the original EWOT German Research. The Longevity Resources Inc. EWOT Mask is known throughout the industry for providing maximum flow of oxygen, and maximum comfort. The research was very clear: you must use a proper EWOT Mask in order to obtain the benefits of EWOT. If you use a nasal cannula (a “Nose Hose”), or a regular style oxygen mask, you will not be able to breathe  all of the oxygen coming from the oxygen concentrator and it follows that you will not obtain all the benefits of EWOT. Spend your money wisely and ensure you have the proper mask that will enable you to obtain the benefits from your investment: The EWOT Mask, only available from Longevity Resources Inc. (Note: In most countries around the world, EWOT is considered a short term "recreational" use of oxygen rather than a 'medical' use of oxygen. Check with your local health authorities in your state or country to ensure EWOT is considered "recreational" use of oxygen.)


EWOT (Exercise With Oxygen) Oxygen Mask

Ewot MaskWhy is the EWOT Mask Essential?

Longevity Resources Inc. provides you with a special EWOT Mask with our EWOT Systems. This EWOT Mask is a critical component of the practice of EWOT. Without the proper Mask, you will not obtain the benefits of EWOT because without the mask you will only be able to have access to 1/2 of the oxygen that is produced by the Oxygen System. This is why using a Nasal Cannula, or a telephone style "Head Set" will simply not work.

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This point form discussion will lead you through the key points as to why the EWOT Mask is essential, and why Nasal Cannulas and "Headsets" will not work for EWOT:

  1. In order to obtain the benefits of EWOT you must exercise with breathing at least 8 LPM (Liters Per Minute) of 90 – 95% pure oxygen (this is outlined by the original German Researchers).
  2. While you exercise, you are only breathing in ½ of the time, and you are breathing out the other ½ of the time.
  3. If your oxygen concentrator (oxygen generator) is producing 8 Liters Per Minute, but you are only inhaling ½ of the time, then this means you will only breathe in ½ of this oxygen, or, 4 Liters Per Minute. The other 4 Liters of oxygen that was produced by the oxygen concentrator was released into the room while you were exhaling, and is lost to you.
  4. The EWOT Oxygen Mask has a reservoir bag attached to it, that will catch and collect the oxygen that is produced by the oxygen concentrator while you are exhaling. Instead of losing the oxygen into the air around you, it is reserved for you in this bag.
  5. When you inhale again, you inhale the oxygen from the bag, and also the oxygen coming from the oxygen concentrator. Therefore none of it is lost, and you have been able to breathe all 8 Liters Per Minute that is delivered from the oxygen concentrator.
  6. If you use a Nasal Cannula (or “Nose Hose”) or an “Aviation Style Oxygen Headset” as suggested by some companies, the oxygen that is coming from the oxygen concentrator when you are exhaling will be released into the air around you; you will not have access to it. Therefore you will only ever be able to breathe ½ of the oxygen that is produced by the oxygen concentrator, and you would therefore not receive the benefits of EWOT.

This therefore underlines the necessity of using the EWOT Oxygen Mask every time you perform EWOT, otherwise you will simply not be able to receive the benefits of the EWOT if you use a Nasal Cannula or Headset.

How Does the EWOT Mask Work? What Difference Does it Make?

The EWOT Mask is essential to ensure that you have access to all of the oxygen that is produced by the OxyMax Oxygen Concentrator. The system works as follows:

  1. When you inhale the oxygen is drawn directly from the oxygen line coming from the oxygen concentrator.
  2. When you exhale, this would normally be the time when the oxygen coming from the oxygen concentrator escapes into the air around you and is lost. However, the EWOT Mask is designed so that during your exhalation process two things happen:

    (a) A valve between the Mask and the "bag" closes to ensure that your exhaled air does not enter this 'reservoir bag'. The oxygen concentrator is still providing oxygen while you are exhaling, so this oxygen from the oxygen concentrator enters the bag and is stored there until you need it (until you inhale). If you have the oxygen concentrator attached to the bag, and you watch the bag in a mirror while you exhale, you will actually see the bag expand a bit. This is being filled with "Oxygen" from the OxyMax Oxygen Concentrator, and not with your exhaled air.

    (b) Your exhaled air (which contains mainly CO2 or “carbon dioxide”) is allowed to escape from the mask through vents in the side of the mask. This ensures that you don’t ‘rebreathe’ the CO2
  3. When you inhale again two things happen:

    (a) The valve between the reservoir bag and the mask opens again, allowing you to inhale all of the oxygen that was saved for you in the bag. This is the oxygen that would have been released into the air while you were exhaling, and would have been wasted.

    (b) The oxygen line to the oxygen concentrator is also open, allowing you to breathe the oxygen directly from the oxygen concentrator.

The bag full of oxygen is a significant amount of oxygen that will provide you with the benefits of EWOT. However, that bag of oxygen is not enough for you to fill your lungs for that deep inhale while you are exercising, and it is not intended to. You will need more 'air' to fill your lungs, and this is made available to you through the side vents of the mask. Mixing this outside 'air' at 21% oxygen with the 90-95% oxygen from the oxygen concentrator, is the ideal blend of air and oxygen to provide the EWOT benefits that were described by the German researchers.

The reasons for using the EWOT Mask and understanding its advantages can sometimes be a bit difficult...so try thinking of it this way. While you are exercising, you are inhaling and then exhaling. On average, you inhale 1/2 of the time, and exhale 1/2 of the time. Oxygen concentrators run all the time, producing oxygen continuously. If you are wearing a "Nasal Cannula" (also known as a 'nose hose'), an "Aviation Style Headset", or a standard oxygen mask...you will be breathing in the oxygen from the oxygen concentrator when you inhale. But what happens when you exhale? The oxygen that is produced by the oxygen concentrator simply spills into the air around you and disspiates through the room. Since you are exhaling 1/2 of the time, you are missing out on 1/2 of the oxygen that the oxygen concentrator produces. So, if your oxygen concentrator produces 5 LPM you only get to breathe 2.5 Liters Per Minute. If your oxygen concentrator produces 8 Liters Per Minute, you only get to breathe 4 Liters Per minute. Wow...what a waste! However, if you wear an EWOT Mask offered to you by Longevity Resources Inc., the oxygen that is produced by the oxygen concentrator while you are exhaling, enters and is stored in a 'reservoir bag' so that you can breathe it in on your next inhale. None of it is wasted! This is the only way for you to breathe all of the oxygen produced by your oxygen concentrator (or oxygen tank for that matter). This is why the EWOT Mask is so important, and this is why the German Researchers insist that wearing the EWOT Mask is the only way that you can obtain the benefits of EWOT.

If you use our EWOT Mask then you are able to breathe all of the oxygen the oxygen concentrating system is producing. For example, if you have our Silver Medal Package (which uses the OxyMax 8 Oxygen Concentrator) you will be able to breathe all 8 LPM that the system produces. If you have purchased our Elite EWOT Package (which produces 16 LPM of oxygen) then you would be able to breathe all 16 LPM of oxygen that the system produces.

Don’t be disappointed with the results! To realize the full benefit of performing EWOT and enjoy the results use only the official EWOT Mask provided by Longevity Resources Inc.!

To order the EWOT Mask, obtain pricing for our EWOT Packages, or for answers to your questions, please email us or call the numbers at the bottom of this page and our Product Specialists would be happy to assist you.

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