We offer you the highest quality Steam Sauna Cabinets on the market. All our Steam Sauna Cabinets carry an outstanding Quality Guarantee including:

QAI Approved ~ Quality Guaranteed

The Hyperthermic Chamber Steam Sauna Cabinet is QAI Approved (Quality Auditing Institute)

We offer you the hightest quality Steam Sauna Cabinet on the world market, proven by our Quality Guarantee including:

  • Our Longevity 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • QAI (Quality Auditing Institute) Approved: After rigorous testing that only high quality products could possibly survive, our Hyperthermic Chamber has been proven to be High Quality, it has proven to be Safe for you to Use, and we have proven that the Manufacturing is Professional. You are guaranteed to receive a high quality product and this gives you peace of mind! (Ask the other companies why they do not have a Quality Guarantee like QAI, ETL, CSA, or UL. Why? Because they should if they are truly high quality products).
  •  Inspected and Certified Factory
  • Longest Warranty in the Industry


1. The Longevity Quality Guarantee - 30 Day Money Back Guarantee:

Longevity Resources Inc.'s Customer First policy ensures we'll be in business for a long, long time. In short, we treat our customers the way we would like to be treated. Therefore, if you purchase a product from Longevity Resources Inc. that does not fully meet your expectations, simply ship it back to us within 30 days of
receipt, as long as it is still in new condition, we will provide you with a refund (please ask our product specialists for further information).


2. QAI Approved:

Protect yourself and protect your money. We can tell you how to ensure you are buying only High Quality and Safe products!

How can you tell from a web site if a product is high quality or not? How can you really know if the sales person is telling you the truth? It is Easy. All you need to do is to ensure that the product you are about to purchase has a seal of Safety and Quality Approval like a QAI Approval, ETL, CSA, or UL Approval.

If a product is high quality and safe to use, it is easy to obtain these seals of approval. Here is what happens:

  1. The manufacturer of the product submits a sample of the product to one of these organizations for testing.
  2. The organization, such as QAI or “Quality Auditing Institute” tests the product under very rigorous conditions to ensure it is high quality and reliable. They put it under so much stress that they try to make it fail. If it doesn’t fail….
  3. They then disassemble the product to see if the components are high quality, and to investigate to see how the product was put together to ensure that it is safe for you to use.

If the product passes these rigorous tests, and inspections, this proves that it is High Quality and Safe for you to use. But that is not the end of the testing.

The company like QAI then goes to the factory for an inspection. During the factory inspection they check to make sure that the factory has rigorous Quality Controls in place to ensure that no substandard components are ever used in the construction of the product. They even come back every 3 months to make sure that the factory is STILL producing high quality and safe products. Every three months!

Therefore if you see that a company is selling a product that has a QAI Approval, an ETL, CSA, or UL Approval, then this is your proof that the product is High Quality and Safe to Use. (Check the back of your Computer Monitor, TV, Stereo, or even your toaster and you will see one of these stickers.)

If a company is selling a product that does not have one of these approvals, then you know that either:

(a) the product is not high quality enough to pass the rigorous inspections or….

(b) it is not safe to use

Clearly you don’t want to ever purchase a product that does not have one of these product approvals!

Spend your money wisely; ensure you only purchase products that are QAI, ETL, CSA, or UL Approved such as those products manufactured and distributed by Longevity Resources Inc.


Longevity Resources stands by its products - all products quality guaranteed

Disclaimer: In order to abide by guidelines of the Competition Bureau of Canada and the Federal Trade Commission of the USA, Longevity Resources Inc. clarifies that products displayed on this web site are not approved medical devices (unless otherwise stated). No approved medical ozone generators exist in North America due to the fact that governing health authorities do not support the use of ozone in medicine. Longevity Resources Inc. makes no claims or suggestions regarding the use of ozone, oxygen, saunas, or ozone related products for ozone therapy for cancer or any other diseases or health challenges. Please consult a qualified physician before using any products, drugs, or devices that may affect your health.