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Private Steam – Now you can go it alone

Spa goers want even more privacy during spa visits these days. Sitting next to two or three unclothed women in the steam room isn’t the most comfortable situations for everyone. Some people want a more private experience in order to fully kick back. That’s not to say shared steam and sauna rooms are completely passé yet, but with technology rapidly changing and the increased demand for a more secluded experience, isolated relaxation is right around the corner.

One great new product that will be offered at spas and for in-home use is the Hyperthermic Chamber Steam Ozone Sauna Cabinet. With a look that resembles a sleeping chamber from Star Trek, this nifty portable steam / sauna features an oxygen generator for easy breathing during sauna usage and four powerful jets for a comfortable and relaxing steam. No more resent that perfect-bodied woman sitting next to you in the steam room, or that spa guest that decides that chatting in the sauna is acceptable. With individual steam and sauna units you can privately reflect on your spa service while stress and toxins melt away. The Hyperthermic Chamber touts that it can even induce an artificial fever ready to knock out infections and inflammation. You can purge toxins while you sit. This may sound scary now, but so did contact lenses back in the day. So who knew? Interested? On your next visit to the spa, inquire about when they’ll be ready to upgrade into the future.

Visit: www.ozonegenerator.com

– Michelle Horn, Editor, March / April Issue, Odyssey Couleur Magazine, Page 42, Editor’s Pick, (www.odysseycouleur.com)

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