Would you rather obtain the benefits of EWOT while relaxing in a comfortable Sauna instead of performing rigorous exercise? EWOT Sauna is the system for you! Use one of our EWOT Packages with a sauna you already have at home, or purchase one of our EWOT Sauna Packages. Email us today for information or call the numbers at the bottom of this screen for more information, it’s that easy!


EWOT Oxygen Sauna

(This information is about an EWOT Sauna (Oxygen only). If you are looking for an Ozone Sauna, please click here).

Although exercising with oxygen is the most traditional form of EWOT, the original German researchers realized that some people are simply not able to perform strenuous exercise on a stationary exercise machine. They therefore tested the benefits of EWOT Sauna and were surprised.

Sit in a sauna and breathe oxygen! It’s that easy!

Enjoying a sauna has physiological effects similar to those of exercise, but no physical exertion is necessary! Just by sitting in the sauna and enjoying the heat, one experiences an increased heart rate, increased breathing, and flushing of the blood vessels near the surface of the skin, which are all very similar to the physiological changes that occur during exercise. This is why EWOT in a steam sauna works!

EWOT Sauna Packages:
(Please note that these systems do not include Ozone, only EWOT Oxygen. For Ozone Sauna Systems please click here.)

EWOT Sauna Package Name Cyclone Steam Cabinet EWOT Sauna: Hyperthermic Chamber Steam Cabinet EWOT Sauna:
Photo image 2 image 3
Name of Sauna used in the Package Cyclone Steam Sauna Cabinet Hyperthermic Chamber Steam Sauna Cabinet
Oxygen Flow Rate Choose 8, 10, 16, or 20 Liters Per Minute Choose 8, 10, 16, or 20 Liters Per Minute
Factory Rebuilt EWOT Package Available? Yes! Save hundreds of dollars by purchasing a Factory Rebuilt 8 or 16 LPM Unit! Same Warranty, Reliability, Longevity as NEW!
What’s A “Factory Rebuilt” Unit?
Yes! Save hundreds of dollars by purchasing a Factory Rebuilt 8 or 16 LPM Unit! Same Warranty, Reliability, Longevity as NEW!
What’s A “Factory Rebuilt” Unit?
Type of Oxygen Mask Special EWOT Sauna Mask Special EWOT Sauna Mask
Type of Oxygen Humidifier Bubble Humidifier Bubble Humidifier
Oxygen Tubing 10 Feet Oxygen Tubing
10 Feet Oxygen Tubing
Free Offers 6 Nasal Cannulas for “Oxygen Bar” Use (Free!) 6 Nasal Cannulas for “Oxygen Bar” Use (Free!)
Price Discounts now On!
Call or email for Best Price!
Discounts now On!
Call or email for Best Price!

Due to the number of options available with these systems, it is difficult to post all possible package prices on the internet. Please email us for pricing or call our office at the number below, to speak with one of our Product Specialists. Our Product Specialists are fully trained to answer any questions that you may have, and to design an EWOT Sauna Package that meets your requirements and your budget.

You likely would like to ask us one of the following two questions:

I already have a sauna. How to I add EWOT to it?
Just simply purchase one of our four EWOT Packages (click to see our description). The EWOT Package, with the specialized EWOT Mask, will enable you to enjoy EWOT while you relax in your sauna.

I don’t have a sauna. How do I enjoy EWOT Sauna if I don’t have a Sauna?
Just purchase one of the EWOT Sauna Packages listed above. If you need assistance please feel free to call or email.

Do the packages above include Ozone?
No. As described at the top of the page, the EWOT Sauna Packages are designed to provide you with the ability to breathe oxygen while sitting in a sauna. This is known as EWOT Sauna, and provides similar benefits to performing exercise while breathing oxygen – EWOT Exercise With Oxygen Therapy - (without the need to exercise).

If you would like more information regarding EWOT Sauna Systems you may send us an email, or simply call our Toll Free Line 1-877-543-3398 (Canada / USA) or International Customers may dial 001 250 654 0092. Our well trained and friendly staff would be more than happy to assist you with all of your questions and ensure that you receive a system that suits your requirements and your budget.

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