Nothing could be simpler: 15 minutes of vigorous stationary exercise while using our EWOT Package to deliver enriched oxygen air to a special mask to ensure that you are breathing all of the oxygen produced by the oxygen source, and none of the carbon dioxide that you have just exhaled .

This is all that is required to perform EWOT.

The stationary exercise that you perform could be on an stationary bicycle, StairMaster, step machine, treadmill, rebounder, or simply jumping on the spot.


FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is EWOT?

EWOT was rigorously studied by German researchers who were interested to discover if simply breathing oxygen would provide any health benefits. Although they found the simply sitting and breathing oxygen provided few if any measurable benefits, they received profound results when test subjects exercised for 15 minutes each day while breathing purified oxygen.

(Disclaimer: EWOT is not recognized as a medical therapy in USA or Canada, has not been approved for medical use, and has not been recognized by North American health authorities as having any medical benefits (only German authorities). According to North American regulations we can make no medical claims and cannot promote any beneficial results.)

The key the researchers discovered with EWOT appears to be that although the red blood cells are easily saturated with oxygen by simply hyperventilating, it is the blood plasma (the fluid portion of the blood) that can store more oxygen if one breathes oxygen while performing some form of stationary exercise. The German Researchers stated that it is this extra oxygen that provides the beneficial results seen in the EWOT research 1,2.

The researchers were very specific regarding the equipment necessary to obtain these results. There are only three rules to successful application of EWOT:

  1. You must be using oxygen equipment that is capable of providing you with 8 – 10 Liters per minute (LPM) of purified oxygen (higher flow rates of 15 – 20 LPM can also be used; lower flow rates of 3, 4, or 5 LPM should be avoided).
  2. The oxygen that is being provided to you must be at a concentration of 90 – 95% pure.
  3. You must wear a specialized EWOT Mask to ensure that you do not lose any of the oxygen that is being produced. If you wear a Nasal Cannula or a “Headset” device, you will not be able to obtain the benefits of EWOT.

Can I use an Oxygen Tank for EWOT?

Yes you can, however most people will not do this due to the fact that the oxygen tank will last for only about 4 EWOT Oxygen Exercise Sessions, then it will need to be refilled. Consider that you want to use approximately 10 Liters per minute of oxygen (10 LPM). If you have an oxygen tank that holds 640 Liters of oxygen, then at 10 Liters per minute your oxygen tank will only last for 64 minutes. Considering most people will perform EWOT for 15 minutes at a time, a tank that lasts only  64 minutes will provide you with only enough oxygen for 4 EWOT sessions. This means you would have to fill your oxygen tank about twice per week, which is an expensive proposition. It is therefore best to choose an EWOT System that uses an oxygen concentrator, rather than an oxygen tank.

Can I use a lower flow rate, but exercise twice as long (30 minutes) and obtain the same benefits of EWOT?

No. The German research provides very specific guidelines for EWOT, in that you must use 8 – 10 Liters per minute of oxygen. There is one only other protocol that allows you to use less oxygen, but you must exercise for 2 hours each day in order to receive a benefit.

Can’t I use a Nasal Cannula instead of the mask?

No. Using a nasal cannula (“Nose Hose”), a standard oxygen mask, or a ‘headset’ device for EWOT will unfortunately simply ensure that you miss out on ½ of the oxygen being produced by the oxygen concentrator. This would therefore cause the oxygen available to you to fall below the minimum of 8 Liters Per Minute. For a full description regarding why the EWOT Mask is better please click here: EWOT Mask.

1. Stop Aging or Slow the Process, How Exercise with Oxygen (EWOT) Can Help, William Campbell Douglass, MD, June 24, 2003

2. Health Canada and the FDA would like us to inform you that we can make no specific health claims or benefits regarding the use of EWOT for any disease or health challenge. EWOT is not accepted as a standard health practice in Canada or the USA. We ship these products around the world on a daily basis. Depending upon the country and state in which you live, it is possible that you may require a prescription to order oxygen related products. Always consult a physician before using any products or therapy that may affect your health.

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