Are you worried about ordering a ‘refurbished’ oxygen concentrator and receiving something that has little or no life left in it? Are you worried that the refurbished oxygen concentrator you are considering may not produce any oxygen, and may stop working shortly after you receive it? Are you worried that perhaps it has spent the last 2 years in a damp garage and now is full of mold and barely works? You should be: The low price you pay for a refurbished oxygen concentrator may turn out to be the most expensive product you could have chosen… if it stops working right after it arrives, or if it produces little or no oxygen.

Save hundreds of dollars while feeling confident and excited about your purchase. Purchase a “Factory Rebuilt” Oxygen Concentrator from Longevity Resources Inc. Our Factory Rebuilt oxygen concentrators have been completely remanufactured, all components have been replaced with new components (only the chassis is 'used'), the the oxygen concentrator is returned to “New” condition in the factory, carry a full warranty, produces the same levels of oxygen as a new oxygen concentrator, has the same lifespan as a new oxygen concentrator, same reliability, same durability, and are backed by our 30 Day Money Back return policy and Toll Free Customer Support if you have questions after it arrives. This is your opportunity to purchase a virtually 'new' oxygen concentrator, at a 'used' price. We specialize in taking care of our customers and providing high quality dependable equipment. You are purchasing products for your Longevity….so shop with Longevity Resources!

Factory Rebuilt Oxygen Concentrators
(Oxygen Generators)

Longevity Resources Inc. is pleased to offer a limited supply of factory rebuilt oxygen systems. Please note that these systems are far different than typical “Refurbished” Oxygen Systems sold by other companies, as we ensure that these Factory Rebuilt systems have been returned to new condition, due to the fact that they have all new internal components (!) not 'refurbished', with a new warranty equivalent to the new devices, and oxygen purity, durability, reliability you would expect of a new oxygen concentrator.

This chart will provide you with information as to why Longevity Resources Inc. “Factory Rebuilt” Systems are so very different than ‘refurbished’ oxygen concentrators provided by other companies.

Here is the “Factory Rebuilt” Difference that will provide you with the confidence to save money while you use your “Nearly New” Factory Rebuilt EWOT System from Longevity Resources Inc.:

The Factors You Need to Question: Longevity Resources Inc. Factory Rebuilt Oxygen Concentrator and EWOT Systems Other Company’s
“Refurbished” Oxygen Concentrator
What Kind of Work has been done to the unit? Full replacement of components with new components. This is the reason it has the same warranty as a new unit. Very little and perhaps no ‘refurbishing work’ at all.
Warranty ? Full 1 Year Warranty on all components. Usually a very short warranty of 1, 3, or 6 months on only the components they replaced (or no warranty at all).
Purity of Oxygen ? Same Percentage of Oxygen Purity as new. Little or no oxygen may be produced, depending upon the age and condition of the oxygen purifying mechanism (sieve beds). Most companies won’t guarantee the oxygen concentration of refurbished equipment. Most don’t even test the purity of the oxygen before reselling the oxygen concentrators.
Overall Condition of the unit? Same condition and ‘look’ as new because the external panels have been replaced. Decent to disgusting, depending upon age and condition of unit.
Customer Support and Returns? Access to our Toll Free Line (and Email) Platinum Customer Support Service, and our renowned 30 day return policy. Usually no customer support at all, and usually no returns (you’re stuck with it.)
Reliability, Durability, Likely Lifespan left in the unit? Same as new unit because all of the internal components are new! Very questionable. System could last hours, days, weeks, or months, producing questionable concentrations of oxygen (any oxygen at all?).

Do you have questions about our Factory Rebuilt Oxygen Concentrators and EWOT Systems? Would you like to receive Pricing? Please email us or call the numbers you see listed below and our Product Specialists would be happy to assist you.

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